A Nice Tax Blog

If you are looking for tax information, you may visit this tax blog. The articles are very interesting to show you some information related to tax information. One of its interesting article is Home Buyer Tax Credit which tells us what are qualification to recieve house stimulus. There are 6 important points that written on the article which i will not explain them here. You should take a time and visit the blog by yourself. Personally, i like the way the articles are written. The design of the blog is not so good, but it’s still okay. Another article that you may interest in is Auto Stimulus. The article tells us an explaination of New Car Auto Stimulus : Sales Tax deduction. More than that, the blog write about how to earn online with blogging. I get very good information from the articles they wrote of. Overall, the blog is very informative and it’s very enjoyable to read the articles.


One thought on “A Nice Tax Blog

  1. wah federal gak adil nih. yang taun ini kok stimulusnya gak perlu repayment. padahal buat kita yang beli taun lalu, stimulusnya (udah lebih kecil, which is 7,500) harus di repaid in 15 years. emang sih tanpa bunga. tapi kan curang kalo yang taun ini bener2 dikasih tanpa harus balikin! huh!! 😦

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