Different Perception resulting Different Work..

I found an interesting picture that talk about different perception from different position. In real world, a different perception brings a miscommunication for some people. What I think is, there are no wrong or true with people’s acts, there are no stupid or smart with people’s words, those things depends on what perception for each people. True or wrong, stupid or smart are a form of misconnection on people’s thought. For example: ‘A’ said that he was handsome, but ‘B’ said that ‘A’ was wrong! This is not that ‘A’ is not handsome but ‘B’ thought that ‘A’ is not. What a confusing thing it is! 😀

What do you think?
What do you think?

NB: This is the first time I wrote my post in English. A short but nice try isn’t it? 😉


14 thoughts on “Different Perception resulting Different Work..

  1. A common meaning of “Perception”, according to dictionary.com, is “Intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities” 😀

    The Answer :

  2. I think I’ve read something like this before, different situation but same meaning la :p

    The Answer :
    Yup, there are many version about this ‘perception’..:)

  3. nice posting, People should have more emphaty to other. There are a lot of perception out there. My late mom’s always say : Everyone has an own tasted

    The Answer :
    “Everyone has an own tasted”….hmmm… I like that words!!! 🙂

  4. btw, gambarnya koq bisa gede gitu yah 😀 ampe menuhin pagenya segala..ihihiihi

    The Answer :
    Hehehe…soalnya kalo kekecilan, kasian ama yang baca, kan ada tulisan kecil dibawahnya…:P

  5. Sumpeh… I don’t mudeng bro… What are you want to say with the picture??? It’s so confused for me

    The Answer :
    Hahaha…intinya sih, setiap orang punya persepsi yang berbeda2 untuk satu masalah yang sama…dari setiap persepsi yang berbeda itu pasti menghasilkan sesuatu yang berbeda pula…sebenarnya dari situ pula asalnya segala perbedaan dan permasalahan yang timbul di manusia…contoh yang paling sensitif adalah agama….

  6. haha. funny how an ‘A’ could be seen as a ‘E’, ‘I’, or even ‘O’.
    but true, in reality this happened a lot.

    I love the business consultant one, btw 😀

    The Answer :
    Fiuuhh… Business consultant would face a lot different perception of customers…need to think in many different way…so it can bring a right solution for the customer…just like the picture…:)

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